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Zinc spray Code: SPIRIT 94 - spray 400 ml

Zinc spray

Spirit 94 is a zinc spray which thanks to modern formula forms solid and elastic film protecting against corrosion.

  • excellent masking properties (it forms a 30 microns film)
  • abrasion resistant
  • highly efficient – tested in extreme, salt vapours
  • to be used as final protection or maintaining ground (can be painted)
  • it does not drip
  • dries quickly

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price (net): 6.06 USD


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Rust remover, liquid Code: SPIRIT 1 - 5L

Rust remover, liquid

Spirit 1 is a maintaining – repairing agent.

    Spirit 1 now in new, innovative can.

    Easier to use and more precise with the new Smart Noozle. Lift the long applicator to use the product more precisely or lower it down to use it as a aerosol. Construction of the valve allows to use the spray independently of the position of can.

    • actively penetrates micro-slots
    • releases seized, rusty bolts, screws, nuts
    • penetrates, derusts and protects corroded, hardly accessible mechanisms
    • dissolves rust, grease and tar
    • eliminates micro-shortings, squeaks and creaks
    • prevents oxidation of electrical contacts
    • water-repellent
    • protects from freezing
    • forms protective film
    • protects from deposition of rust, salt and atmospheric conditions
    • valve construction allows use of the can in all positions
    Available in spray (400 ml can) and in 5 liters canisters.

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5 can. = 8%
2 can. = 5%

price (net): 44.66 USD


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Copper grease spray Code: SPIRIT 29 - spray 400 ml

Copper grease spray

Spirit 29 is a lubricant with high content of copper.

  • for greasing screwed joints, furnace guides and hinges as well as other places where metals, exposed to high temperature, contact
  • high thermal stability and assurance of good anti-corrosive protection
  • resistant to operation of chemical substances, weather conditions, prevents wear and seizing
  • resistant to very high temperature from -40°C up to +1000°C

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72 pcs = 10%
36 pcs = 5%
12 pcs = 3%

price (net): 5.63 USD


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