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Active foam cleaner Code: SPIRIT 61 - spray 400 ml

Active foam cleaner

Spirit 61 is an active foam spray cleaner.

  • it removes dirt, grease, dust, ball pen traces
  • antielectrostatic
  • it does not leave streaks
  • effectively cleans cutting room and sewing machine table tops
  • perfect for carpet, car upholstery, scanner, computer, keyboard, LCD monitors, steel and chromium surfaces, furniture, wood, plastics, glass, crystal
  • it remains pleasant fresh aroma

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Rust remover, liquid Code: SPIRIT 1 - 5L

Rust remover, liquid

Spirit 1 is a maintaining – repairing agent.

    Spirit 1 now in new, innovative can.

    Easier to use and more precise with the new Smart Noozle. Lift the long applicator to use the product more precisely or lower it down to use it as a aerosol. Construction of the valve allows to use the spray independently of the position of can.

    • actively penetrates micro-slots
    • releases seized, rusty bolts, screws, nuts
    • penetrates, derusts and protects corroded, hardly accessible mechanisms
    • dissolves rust, grease and tar
    • eliminates micro-shortings, squeaks and creaks
    • prevents oxidation of electrical contacts
    • water-repellent
    • protects from freezing
    • forms protective film
    • protects from deposition of rust, salt and atmospheric conditions
    • valve construction allows use of the can in all positions
    Available in spray (400 ml can) and in 5 liters canisters.

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5 can. = 8%
2 can. = 5%

price (net): 44.66 USD


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Welding antiadhesive without silicone Code: SPIRIT 48 - spray 300 ml

Welding antiadhesive without silicone

Spirit 48 is a intensive, antiadhesive welding spray, based on synthetic separators and carbon dioxide.

  • it protects tools and welding elements from sticking of the welding splitters
  • nonflammable
  • silicone free formula makes additional treatment possible (painting, galvanization, chromium plating)
Available in spray (300 ml can) and in concentrate (5 liters canisters).
Concentrate can be diluted in water in every proportion, dependent on used technology.

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72 pcs = 10%
36 pcs = 5%
12 pcs = 3%

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