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sets - Spirit house kit - set for her

The SPIRIT HOUSE KIT set is a perfect solution that works well at home. Universal and useful, speeds up the performance of housework. It will allow you to clean quickly and efficiently.The perfect set for a housewife. Now as a gift for you SPIRIT 61 cleaning foam!

Spirit 3 is a non toxic, colourless and odourless silicon agent. It contains no solvents. Antielectrostatic. Facilitates slide. It prevents elements sticking. Does not grease or stain. It is especially helpful in textile industry - iron feet, vertical and band knives, work tables, presser feet, needles, slides of knitting machines. It precious in bookbinders' workshops and serigraphy. Perfect for jamming zippers, curtains rails, etc. It protects and glazes plastics.

Spirit 61 is an active foam spray cleaner. It removes dirt, grease, dust, ball pen traces. Antielectrostatic. It does not leave streaks. Effectively cleans cutting room and sewing machine table tops. Perfect for carpet, car upholstery, scanner, computer, keyboard, LCD monitors, steel and chromium surfaces, furniture, wood, plastics, glass, crystal. It remains pleasant fresh aroma.

Spirit 71 is spray impregnator based on self-reticulating resins. It protects fabric, leather and rubber from water, humidity, dirt and spots. It impregnates tents, bags, shoes, top clothes, gloves, hats. It increases leathers resistance to abrasion. Neutral in contact with colour. It polymerizes completely in 10 hours.
Before use make test on nearly visible place.

Spirit 77 MAX is an effective agent for removing greasy fresh spots on clothing, upholstery, carpets. Useful at home, indispensable in industry. Perfect for spot removing in clothing industry.

How to use:
1. Shake well.
2. Spray spot from 15 cm distance.
3. At home - wait several minutes to become dry white powder, later using brush gently remove powder
In industry - you can dry quickly using compressed air - SPIRIT 65, which simultaneously removes white powder.

Before use make test on nearly visible place. Don't use with fur, leather and chamois leather.

HOT PRICE - SPIRIT set for: cleaning, stain removal, maintenance and impregnation

HOT PRICE - SPIRIT set for: cleaning, stain removal, maintenance  and impregnation


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