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cleaning, care, maintenance - Spirit 61 - active foam cleaner

Spirit 61 is an active foam spray cleaner.

  • it removes dirt, grease, dust, ball pen traces
  • antielectrostatic
  • it does not leave streaks
  • effectively cleans cutting room and sewing machine table tops
  • perfect for carpet, car upholstery, scanner, computer, keyboard, LCD monitors, steel and chromium surfaces, furniture, wood, plastics, glass, crystal
  • it remains pleasant fresh aroma

Directions (spray)

Do not use with appliances under electricity!
Shake well. Spray the surface from 15 cm distance, wipe dry with a soft cloth

Application methods


Package (spray)

volume: can 400 ml
1 box = 12 cans
box weight: 5,5 kg
box sizes: 20,5 x 27,5 x 21,5 cm
1 palette = 85 boxes

SPIRIT 61 - spray 400 ml
Active foam cleaner

Active foam cleaner


price (net): 2.95 USD


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