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cleaning, care, maintenance - Spirit 6 - industrial cleaner

Spirit 6 is a industrial cleaning agent spray for machinery and tools.

  • it dissolves grease, tar, glue and other industrial dirt and enables their removal
  • it eases work of precise mechanisms (car antennas and door- locks)
  • does not dry the surface, leaves a preserving layer
  • dissolves and cleans adhesive remainings of adhesive tapes
  • to be used for cleaning printing machinery of glue remaining
  • in the construction industry helps removing glue of the security and assembling tapes
  • neutral in contact with metal, plastics, glass and ceramics
  • safe for laminated and varnished surfaces
Removes the remainings of the temporary adhesives Spirit 5 and Spirit 5 Strong.

Directions (spray)

Shake well, spray the surface from 20 cm distance. Wait a few minutes then clean the dirt with a dry cloth

Application methods




Package (spray)

volume: can 400 ml
1 box = 12 cans
box weight: 4,9 kg
box sizes: 20,5 x 27,5 x 21,5 cm
1 palette = 85 boxes

SPIRIT 6 - spray 400 ml
Industrial cleaner

Industrial cleaner


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120 pcs = 15%

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