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painting, protection, anti-corrosion - Spirit 98 - aluminium spray

Spirit 98 is a spray with a high containment of aluminium, which thanks to modern formula and special additives, forms solid, elastic and shiny film.

  • excellent cover and protection
  • to be used as final protection or maintaining ground (can be painted)
  • it does not drip
  • dries quickly

Directions (spray)

Degrease the surface – shake well, spray the surface from 20 cm distance
To avoid filling the valve after use always put the can upside-down and spray until only gas come out.

Application methods


Package (spray)

volume: can 400 ml
1 box = 12 cans
box weight: 5,7 kg
box sizes: 20,5 x 27,5 x 21,5 cm
1 palette = 85 boxes

SPIRIT 98 - spray 400 ml
Aluminium spray

Aluminium spray


price (net): 6.59 USD


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